Doing the Work is a weekly newsletter chronicling the creative process/life and thoughts and ideas of Steve Wargo, a theater director, producer, and writer in New York. Once a week, Steve will round up ephemera from his working life and ongoing projects, and also do deeper dives into productivity hacks, creative habits, and chats with other theater artists about The Work.

This is not a space for gossip or complaints. This is a space for joy.

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A big part of this newsletter is taking the opportunity to disengage from social media as a discussion space. The topics discussed here are open to all who find them interesting. The goal is create community within the boundaries of an artist’s diary.

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A newsletter for folks who think about making theater happen, productivity hacks, creating with ADD, food & booze, and goofing off.


I'm an NYC-based theater director, playwright, producer, foodie, board gamer, and Member of the Dramatists Guild with a raging case of ADD that leads me to try all sorts of productivity methods in an ongoing attempt to become awesomer.